The wider Osborne family in Tonypandy

It’s about time to collate the branches of the Osborne family, stemming from Robert and Mary Ann in Merriott/Crewkerne/Misterton in the mid-19th century. In particular to show how many ended up in the Rhondda, and especially for Rhian and Gaynor, the newest living cousins to be located, from the Letherby/Osborne line.

Note: (buried Trealaw) denotes that the person is listed in burial records for Trealaw Cemetery.

Children of Robert Osborne and Mary Ann Dawe

Mary Ann b 1845 Somerset. Marries 25 Dec 1868 Misterton to James Plyer, child Susan b 1870 Chard. James is a widower by 1881 (a second Mary Ann appears in 1891, second marriage).

William b 1849 – see Scott/Osborne page.

George born 1850 Crewkerne, died 1925, buried at Trealaw Cemetery. Married Elizabeth Glewis/Gluyes b 1862, d 1938, from Wendron, Cornwall. Children:

  • George Osborne b 1883 Durham, died 1931, buried Trealaw Cemetery. Married Elizabeth Ann Davies 1913.
  • Elizabeth Ann Osborne b 1885 Northumberland, m William Lewis 1901.
  • Jane b 1887 Tonypandy, m Charles Coombe 1906, d 1966 Rhondda (buried Trealaw).
  • John b 1890 Tonypandy, d 1949 (buried Trealaw). Married Caroline Hellier 1915 (below *).
  • Lily Osborne b 1892 Tonypandy.
  • Frank Osborne b 1894 Tonypandy.
  • Susan Osborne b 1897 Tonypandy.
  • Ada Osborne b 1899 Tonypandy, m John Davies 1918, m Trevor Phillips 1936, d 1996 Rhondda.
  • May Osborne b 1901 Tonypandy, died 1903.
  • Robert Osborne b 1902 Tonypandy, m Anne Sybella Davies 1925, d 1987 Rhondda.
  • Ginny Osborne.
  • Percy Osborne b 27 July 1907 Tonypandy, died before 1911.
  • Three children are recorded as having died at 1911 census.

Henry b 1853 Somerset is buried in Trealaw Cemetery 1936. His precise whereabouts from 1871 are unsure, but is known to have wandered back and forth between Wales and Somerset.

Elizabeth b 1855 Somerset, married 21 Apr 1874 Misterton to George Hellier (surname appears as Hellyar on marriage register but signature is clearly Hellier, witnesses James and Mary Ann Plyer, as above). George  b 1853 Haselbury Plucknett, Somerset. Stayed in Somerset. Children:

  • Georgina Hellier b 1875 Misterton, d 1964 Weymouth, m George Alner 1894 Radipole.
  • Mary Hellier b 1878 Misterton.
  • Sarah Hellier b 1880 Misterton.
  • Emily Hellier b 1882 Misterton.
  • Louisa Hellier b 1884 Misterton d 1933 (buried Trealaw), m 1902 Somerset to John Henry Taylor.
  • Susan Hellier b 1885 Misterton.
  • Charlotte Hellier b 1888 Misterton.
  • Alice Hellier b 1889 Misterton.
  • Caroline Hellier b 1891 Misterton d 5 June 1975 (buried Trealaw), m 1915 Rhondda to John Osborne (above *).
  • Elsey Hellier b 1896 Misterton.
  • Violet Hellier b 1899 Misterton.

Levi b 1861 Crewkerne, died 1938 (buried Trealaw). Married 20 Dec 1881 Misterton to Elizabeth Larkham b 1858 Misterton d 1931 (buried Trealaw). Children:

  • Rebecca Maud Osborne b 1882 Misterton, d 1954 (buried Trealaw). Married Joseph Edward Pearce in Rhondda 1900.
  • John Henry Osborne b 1883 Misterton, d 1884.
  • Ann Osborne b 1883 Misterton.
  • Matilda Osborne b 1884 Misterton, m Edward Sheldon in Rhondda 1904.
  • Charles Henry Osborne b 1885 Rhondda. Probable burial record at Trealaw for 1942.
  • Ernest Osborne b 1889 Misterton, d 1964 (buried Trealaw). Married 1908 Rhondda to Gwenllian Herbert.
  • Amelia Osborne b 1891 Tonypandy, m 1909 Rhondda – William Frederick Harwood.
  • Elizabeth Osborne b 1893 Tonypandy.
  • Mabel Osborne b 1895 Tonypandy, d 1988 (buried Trealaw). Married 5 Aug 1916 Rhondda to William Alfred McLean b 1885 Swansea, d 1942 (buried Trealaw).
  • William Osborne b 1899 Tonypandy, d 1978 (buried Trealaw), probable marriage 1922 Llanelli to Sarah Jenkins.

Susan Osborne b 1868 Misterton, probably died 1950 Taunton. Married 1887 Rhondda to Eli Sibley b 1865 Misterton, d 1936 Rhondda. Children:

  • Rebecca May Sibley b 1888 Rhondda, d 1969 Taunton. Married David Fuge 1908 Neath district.
  • Florence Mary Sibley b 1889 Rhondda, d 10 Apr 1970 Wellington, Somerset. Married Walter William Buttle 1911 Neath district.
  • Amelia Susan Sibley b 1891 Rhondda, d 1915 (buried Trealaw), m Charles Henry reeves 1908 Neath district.
  • Eli Sibley b 1892 Tonypandy, d 1960 Rhondda. Married Elizabeth Atkinson Rhondda 1915, probable.
  • Beatrice Honor Sibley, b 1898 Neath. Probable marriage to James Evens 1917, d 1983 Ogwr district.

Bessie Osborne b 1870 Misterton, d 1951 (buried Trealaw) marries 1889 Misterton to Henry Thomas Beament from Bridport, Dorset, b 1868 d 1951 (buried Trealaw). Children:

  • John Henry Robert Beament b 1890 Misterton. Dead before 1911?
  • Mary Jane Beament b 1891 Crewkerne.
  • Mabel May Beament b 1895 Crewkerne, d 1982 Rhondda, m Frank Doutch 1915.
  • John Henry Thomas Beament b 1900 Trealaw, d 1969 Cardiff (probable).
  • Robert William Beament b 1904 Trealaw, d 1905.
  • Leonard Beament b 1906 Trealaw, d 1990 – buried with parents (Trealaw) so unmarried?

Other Osborne relations who moved to the area

Charles b 1853 Misterton, son of Joseph Osborne, married Emily Clarke.

Probably more to add.


Article updated July 2016.

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    1. Good to hear from you Josh. There’s at least one other Sibley family which came from Misterton, Somerset (such as Archibald Sibley born 1896 Misterton, who married Olive Underhill in the Rhondda in 1915). I had thought that most of the Sibleys with Osborne connections had moved out of the Rhondda a while back, but I may be wrong!

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