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A Farr distant cousin

Making extravagant claims of family connections to famous people or royalty has never been part of my genealogy research, but the idea does still crop up. An Osborne link to the mother of boxer Tommy Farr, the Tonypandy Terror, was suggested and seemed credible given that he was born in Railway Terrace, a  few doors from some of our lot. Here’s what the records show.

Tommy Farr’s mother was Sarah Ann Owen, born in Rhondda around 1883/85 {1}.

Sarah Ann’s father is George, born Clandown (Somerset) about 1860. He is almost certainly a brother to Henrietta Owen, born in Clandown about 1866 {2}. Henrietta was the mother-in-law to a brother of Elizabeth Gluyes/Glewis, wife of George Osborne (a 3x great uncle, born 1850 Crewkerne).

So: Tommy’s maternal grandfather was brother to the mother in law of George Osborne’s brother-in-law. Whew. Glad that is sorted. Or is it? There might just be a closer connection lurking somewhere.

Railway Terrace Tonypandy

Tommy Farr was born at 3 Railway Terrace, 12th March 1913 (not 1914 as some sources say). The 1911 census has the Farr family already there, and George and Elizabeth Osborne were at 32 Railway Terrace by then too.

Another Gluyes sibling, Francis, is at 5 Railway Terrace at 1911 with wife Charlotte Garrett.


1. A key source to get started on Tommy’s genealogy is provided by the Terry Smithers webpage (but website not working at May’23). Also see the article on My Brighton and Hove (Tommy lived in the area later in life).

2. The 1871/1881 census in Clandown has the siblings together, parents John and Caroline – George is oldest son.

3. There are various websites with information on Tommy Farr’s boxing career. The top link on Google when I searched seems as good as any.

3. A bonus Farr connection from the Watkins side, spotted April 2016: Margretta Watkins appears on the admission register August 1912 for Blaenclydach Elementary Girls School on the line before Tommy’s older sister Phyllis Farr (born Oct 1904).  There is an 8 day difference in their age.



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