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Meeting a younger Millie Even great grans were youthful once

The fascinating family photos keep on emerging. This time third cousin Alan Croad has found two photos which were in the same style as an earlier discovery for ‘Uncle Bill’ Osborne.

One was labelled “aunt Millie”, a name that great gran Amelia Osborne was known by. Born 1878, married late 1895, is this about the time of the wedding perhaps? Or a year or two later?

A youthful Amelia Osborne

Without that label you would struggle to be certain that this young person matches images of Amelia much later in life. However, perhaps the expression from this cropped family gathering photo (presumed May/Scott wedding) makes a reasonable match – age about 45.

Cropped from Scott family gathering

But we still have a mystery on the second unearthed photo, here reproduced untweaked from its original scan:

Possible Osborne sister

The shape of the sleeves hint at late 1890s fashions. Is she young enough perhaps to be Lily Osborne, born 1887? There aren’t any known later images in our possession to compare against.

Cleaned up version of the aunt Millie photo (thanks Pete):

A clearer view

As ever, plenty of question marks. Your suggestions welcome.


  1. See Scott and Osborne page for more on this family line.



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