A better view of the Canadian Neals

A few old photographs have thrown a whole lot of new light onto the great aunt and uncle who separately left Norwich for the relative wilds of Canada.

Gayle, a second cousin once removed and living in that country, has been looking into her family history for longer than me and has got a collection of photos not just of her ancestors going back to Robert Neal and Mary Earl but also Robert’s sister Alice. » Continue reading “A better view of the Canadian Neals”

Canadian records freely available on Ancestry

Ancestry has made its Canadian Births, Marriages and Deaths records free to search and access until 20th Feb.

Not all of them have images attached i.e. some are just transcriptions (and familysearch.org may have them transcribed in more detail), but I’ve found a few useful ones for the Canadian relations I’ve discovered recently. Maud McTaggart, aunt to Helen May Sharman (the wife of Harry Neal b 1899 Manitoba) marries William Henry Nobes in Toronto at the age of 49, with her name given as Phoebe Maud. » Continue reading “Canadian records freely available on Ancestry”

The Cutlock wrap for 2011

The traditional year-end review – developments in family history research on Cutlock & Co and the HowesWatkinsNealScott tree {Note 1}.

What I wished for

At the start of 2011, I wrote Looking ahead to look behind on this site, anticipating what progress might be made over the year. I gave an update half way through the year, when there was already only one significant outstanding item – making a connection with relations from the Cullum family, who shared great great grandmother Harriet Cutlock as an ancestor. » Continue reading “The Cutlock wrap for 2011”

Connecting with the neighbours

Researching the family tree comes up with plenty of “is this why” and “what if” moments. Here’s one I did recently.

The Neve family is one of the lines coming under closer examination after making contact with the Cullum cousins. With a few more dates and details to work from, it was possible to work backwards from 2 x great uncle William Cullum’s wife Sarah Ann Margaret Neve, find her parents Robert and Elizabeth in the census records in Norwich, and their likely marriage entry. » Continue reading “Connecting with the neighbours”

Alice arrives in Canada

A nice little update to a previous article about great aunt Alice Neal – Turning an absence into a presence – which traced her to Canada.

I have  now located her in the passenger lists arriving in Canada. It’s a bit of an odd record, as a form has been adapted slightly. But there’s little doubt this is her, accompanied by her uncle Henry, who had already settled in Canada.

This is a sailing from Liverpool to Halifax, Nova Scotia on the ship Mongolian, arriving 24th February 1894. » Continue reading “Alice arrives in Canada”

Wedding fashions through family photos

There are of course a number of wedding photographs in the family collection, dating back over a hundred years. I thought it might be interesting to look at the differences, from changing fashions and fortunes. The variation is no doubt as much as about what they could afford as personal taste and the conventions of the times.

Summer 1905, Norwich, NorfolkErnest and Eliza 1905

Eric Laddiman and Eliza Neal are fifth and sixth from the left back row. » Continue reading “Wedding fashions through family photos”