Turning an absence into a presence

Tracing Alice Neal’s family

No old photos on today’s item. In fact a photo absence is where it starts. Alice Neal was the only one of the 11 children of Robert Smith Neal and Ellen Elizabeth Watts not to appear in the 1902 family photograph featuring elsewhere on Cutlock and Co. But the very helpful caption, added later by gran (Emily Neal), says “No 3 Alice in Canada”. (Alice was the third child, Emily 9th.) » Continue reading “Turning an absence into a presence”

Before they were married

Sydney and Emily 1912 Wellington

This is currently my favourite old photo from the hundred or so ‘scanned in’ a couple of days ago. It is the only one just showing grandparents Sydney Howes and Emily Neal, and has been captioned “Wellington 1912”, a whole seven years before they married. I wonder who took it?

Wellington, Shropshire was then the home of Emily’s older sister Eliza, who had been like a second mum to her, and had married Ernest Laddiman. » Continue reading “Before they were married”

The Neal family in full 1900s attire

I really ought to be saving this photo for later, doing a big build up for an important item. But that’s not really my style. So without further ado, the entire Neal family, bar one, in 1902.

Neal family 1902

The extended caption written at some point by gran (Emily) reads:

“Taken 1901 or 2. The Neal family

Laura (7), Henry (5), George (6), Eliza (4)

Edith (8), Ellen (Nellie) (1), Mother, Father, Robert (2)

Albert (11)

Mary (Polly) (10), Emily (9)

No 3 Alice in Canada”

That last line explains the remaining mystery for this lot, with Alice Neal now  located in Winnipeg. » Continue reading “The Neal family in full 1900s attire”

Photos of great great uncle Sam, farmhand

So the ‘major scanning exercise’ is done, with about 100 old family photos digitally processed. Not quite as good quality as I hoped as Dad’s HP all-in-one scanner didn’t want to budge from 200 dpi but should be adequate.

It will take some time to check them through, clean up and arrange all these, but images have already started appearing on old posts. I’ll try to include all of them in gallery pages eventually. » Continue reading “Photos of great great uncle Sam, farmhand”

Uncle Ernest the pharmacist

I’m preparing for a major exercise digitally scanning a whole lot of old family photos (first half of 20th century) so have been checking over my family history records of those I know feature. It might make it easer to organise the scans and make sure all relevant info is gleaned from attached notes etc.

The Laddiman family from Shropshire certainly are in the mix. Ernest John Laddiman married my great aunt Eliza Neal in Norwich, 1905, and at the 1911 census they were living at 14 Market Square, Wellington, Shropshire. » Continue reading “Uncle Ernest the pharmacist”