Some new Ancestry records

Ancestry has recently had one of its massive uploads of new datasets – in this instance showing as done on 21st January. These are “select” baptisms, marriages, deaths, burials and more from around the world. In other words, incomplete parish register or similar records, from centuries ago up to the 20th century. They are (all?) sourced from FamilySearch, a tie-up which was announced relatively recently. In this case, not entirely new to the web, then.

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Online records for British in India

FindMyPast has put online two and a half million records from the British Library’s India Office Records collection, reports Who Do you Think You Are magazine.

These would appear to be under (or connected with) Travel and Migration on the current FMP site – a new version is due soon. One of the things that is on the wish-list for FMP improvement is flagging up new record sets more consistently and clarity on what they contain.

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Research News

News for family history researchers – click on the title for the full version of each item. Material gleaned from own research activity, various social media sources, genealogy publications etc.

Note: this feature is not currently being updated.

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Price increase for Ancestry?

Ancestry has increased its subscription rates for new members on the site, although the monthly sub at the most basic level has gone down.

The changes make sense in that there is a clearer relationship between monthly and annual rates, generally the latter is approximately 10 times more. The ‘Premium’ level is the exception, at £129 pa (was £107-40) against £14-99 pm,  although I have also seen the annual figure showing as £149!

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