Neals in Canada – photos

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First ten photos are of Robert (Bob) Neal and family at or near Oak River, Manitoba, Canada. Apologies for the crude auto-cropping of the thumbnails.

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Oak River sledge ride to school

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A better view of the Canadian Neals

A few old photographs have thrown a whole lot of new light onto the great aunt and uncle who separately left Norwich for the relative wilds of Canada.

Gayle, a second cousin once removed and living in that country, has been looking into her family history for longer than me and has got a collection of photos not just of her ancestors going back to Robert Neal and Mary Earl but also Robert’s sister Alice. Links to earlier articles giving more details on their history are in the Notes below.

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The electrical connection Welsh bright sparks

One of the most interesting photographs in the collection held by cousin Islwyn is this one of the electrical shop in Llanelli. Known to Islwyn as Thomas Brothers, that doesn’t appear to be the business name in 1937 (19th January to be precise). The white-coated person is Bill Walters, husband of great aunt Miriam Watkins.

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The Beasor connection

A fascinating start to 2012 and the addition of a Beasor family page to Cutlock & Co. A cousin to my nephews uploaded some old Beasor photos to following a Christmas visit to his (and their) gran. Almost as soon as I created a link to these on my Ancestry tree, my dad’s second cousin Muriel spotted them and realised she knew this Beasor family.

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