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I think it has been said here before, but Cutlock and Co and associated family research isn’t about trying to find famous connections, and every person has their role to play. However, it is still interesting to come across individuals with a bit more prominence, if only because there is more likely to have been stuff written about them, which may just be available somewhere.

A certain William Jones Pate fits the bill, and gains a mention on Cutlock and Co he wouldn’t otherwise get, seeing as he’s the brother-in-law to a brother of Rev Spencer May, who married a great aunt. (Perhaps Spencer comes under the ‘prominent’ head too, but within a smaller circle. For more on him, see the return and disappearance of the Missionary Mays.)

WJP was born in the Rhondda (Ton Pentre) to a typical coal mining family, although his father (at 1901) was a stationary engine driver, coal haulage, rather than at the coal face. However, William became a key figure in the YMCA in Wales, acting as national secretary and getting an OBE in the 1955 New Years honours list. He also wrote a history of the YMCA in Wales {1} – an Ancestry member has written, on loading a copy to that website:

I remember Bamps writing this book when he lived in a Llanishen old people’s home. I think that this helped him keep going because from memory it was not long after he finished it that he died.

He died in 1979.

Other names

Senior academics/researchers

As likely to be found by their own written material, particularly research papers, as articles written about them, successful academics count in my book too.

Newly connected is Professor Emeritus Allan Straw, previously with the Geography Department at Exeter University. He married a second cousin, once removed, from the Watts line, and is still commenting on matters in his specialist area such as this blog mention on Dartmoor glaciation.

Another Professor Emeritus marrying into the family is Roy Shephard, specialist in Exercise Science, Sports Medicine and Environmental Physiology in Health and Disease, University of Toronto. And from a recent news item ‘Convocation at University of Guelph’ (Guelph Tribune, 17th October 2013):

 An honorary Doctor of Science is going to exercise science pioneer Roy Shephard, who established Canada’s first doctoral program in exercise science at the University of Toronto in 1964. He has counselled governments about connections between physical activity and health, and he recommended the development of the Canadian Standardized Test of Fitness…

This is by no means Roy’s first such award. UPDATE: Roy was made a member of the Order of Canada, June 2014 (equivalent to an OBE?).

Dr (Albert) Dale Flowerday, a direct second cousin once removed, spent his academic career with University of Nebraska, working in agricultural research. Experimental station superintendent at 1959, made an honoree of the Nebraska Hall of Agricultural Achievement in 2009. See Making the news makes family history.

Already mentioned

Philip Wunderle III, husband to second cousin (twice removed) Mary Louise Seibert, president of a candy-makers’ association and owner of P. E. Wunderle Confectioners in Philadelphia, creators of candy corn. He comes first in the list as it is a year since Cutlock and Co featured American as candy corn in time for Halloween.

Edwin Jeary, brother-in-law to 2x great aunt Jane Watts, became a prominent lawyer, banker and politician in Lincoln, the capital of Nebraska. His son, Jane’s nephew Clark Jeary, was also a lawyer and politician, and entered the State Senate. I have also seen a mention of him as mayor of Lincoln in 1954. Apparently he was adopted by Edwin and wife Kitty, but I’ll keep him on the tree anyway. See Double trouble for more on Edwin and Clark.

Tommy Farr, the boxer known as the Tonypandy Terror. For more on the complex connection see A Farr distant cousin.

Jack Boddy married a half second cousin (once removed) and is featured in My type of relation. He was variously the General Secretary of the National Union of Agricultural Workers, mayor of Swaffham and leader of Norfolk Labour councillors. MBE 1973.

Islwyn Watkins, Welsh artist. See A bunch of artists.

Any more?

So who have I offended by leaving them, or a near relation, off this list? Do let me know and I may well update this article.


Arctic Star medal
Roy Elwood’s Arctic Star medal, for serving in WW2 Arctic convoys – see comments.

Bob Siddens “arguably the greatest high school wrestling coach in American history” according to a Wahawk Legends article, presumably from 2010, on third cousin Robert S Siddens in Iowa. (From a Google search, Jan. 2014)

Stanley John Cullum worked his way up to become a Chief Engineer with the Royal Mail (shipping) Line, and even ‘Commodore’ of the Line (most senior officer) according to a great niece of his.

More honours

Two Cullum spouses received honours:

  • Thomas WJ Hurley, headmaster of Red House Farm Approved School in Norfolk, received an MBE in 1973 New Years list. Married Grace Cullum.
  • Harry Ken Worship, general manager of Thorpe Road Works, Laurence, Scott and Electromotors Ltd., Norwich. got an OBE in 1957 New Years list. Married Jessie Cullum, sister of Grace.


1. A copy of The History of of the YMCA in Wales 1852-1972 can be downloaded from a link at the bottom of Glanymor history web page, if site is still going.

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  1. Interesting stories… each addition to the Tree opens up stories of social and historical interest. In my case I’ve followed my husband’s great aunts to Scranton, PA with the lace trade, looked up Norfolk villages with family connections, followed my grandfather’s career with Maconochies, read of my mother’s attendance at primary school and, last but not least, reconnected with living cousins, thanks to Cutlock & Co.

    You might also include Roy Ellwood’s receipt of the Arctic Star, awarded to merchant seamen on the run to Russia in WW2.

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